McCallan Ranch
McCallan Ranch


Lord John "Reaper" McCallan


Southern Gilneas, Ashen Coast, The Range


The Grand Alliance, Kingdom of Gilneas



Blackburn Ranch is a Gilnean Ranch in the Ashen Coast. It is a open ranch with a well-equipped stables and tournament grounds. With a working Blacksmith, Blackburn Ranch supplies the Blades of Greymane with healthy steeds and great armor for said steeds. It sits under the protective wing of Gregors Crossing and maintains a healthy relationship with Lord Adrian Gregor through Lord John "Reaper" McCallan.


After his family losing their famed buisness of breeding and supplying the Gilnean Mountain Horses to all of Gilneas, John saught out his friends Duke Berenal Grayblade and Lord Adrian Gregor to seek permission to build the Ranch under the wing of Gregors Crossing, with his permission granted, he built all that was needed to supply and maintain a ranch that would not only help the Blades of Greymane, but even help out Gilneas in the long run.

Buisness and TrainingEdit

John operated the ranch with alot of helpful hands from Gregors Crossing and even houses some hopeful Squires in the ranches small apartments and houses who wish to train ontop their steeds in the tournament grounds provided, No official tournament has yet to be hosted on the grounds themselves.


During the Second Range Rebellion, multiple political prisoners -namely Furio Crestrine- were broken out in varying degrees of directiveness. To avenge his family, all of which had been captured, murdered, or killed defending Belfin, the aforementioned prisoner became a fugitive while the Range was retaken. Contacted by Vladimir's forces, he soon took it as a chance to get his revenge, going as far as to mutilate himself to hide his identity. Soon after soldiers from the Reach, Bite, and Ardeiria left the area, Crimsonthorn Knights and a single Blood Necromancer were sent out to act as bandits for the purpose of distracting the Duke's forces.

By playing the Ranch as a damsel in distress, he ordered the militia (Whom he'd made a deal with to grant them wealth and power in the Stag, which he was promised for his loyalty, for them and their families.)  To begin slaughtering the rest of the residents. Although every building in sight was burned, some of the stables were saved due to being made of --predominantly-- stone and straw roofs. After Furio marched his newfound legion of militia, women, and children back to Snow-wood, forces loyal to the Ashen Coast were able to recover a handful of civilians, mostly from freshly burning homes. It was since abandoned by its conquerers, thereafter occupied by Range forces, predominantly McCallan.

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