Earlessa Aya Avernus


Southern Gilneas, Ashen Coast


The Grand Alliance
The Kingdom of Gilneas
The House of Avernus
The Blades of Greymane



Mistvale was a town situated in the northern regions of the Ashen Coast, though later subjugated by the Forsaken and laid to ruin by the invasion of the Orcish Horde. It had been centered around metals and metallurgy, owned along with a small portion of the land around it by the House of Avernus

The town has since became the centre of an Earldom, bereft the ruin left behind by the undead.


(After taking a little bit of time to catch up on current timelines, I've realized this is in major, major need of revision. Thus, while I re-draft and update what must be fixed, I would like to direct you to the page detailing the Veil as a whole; it details a more current history. Thanks.

- Aya.)

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