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The Blades of Greymane are a Gilnean re-establishment order based out of the Duchy of the Ashen Coast in southern Gilneas. Their goals are to restore and represent Gilneas in the Alliance forces, to see Gilneas not only raised from the ashes but stronger than ever.

To that end, the guild uses a large amount of "fanon" or "fan canon", which is our own writing in these regions that we've created and written for in order to have better creative control over the overarching storylines that our guild interacts with, rather than attempt to just wait on what Blizzard provides with patch content. As a result, some of our lore is not necessarily "canon", but it does all follow canon in that there is nothing outlandishly impossible, nor do we disregard any lore that comes to play.

Justification of our fanon comes into play where Blizzard has stated that the world is -not- to Scale at all, and that World of Warcraft is only a percentage of what it would actually be in real scale. Gilneas, so to speak, would be much larger than represented in game (No kingdom is just three towns and a city!) and as a result the Ashen Coast being present is fully plausible. Since our guild has been around for several years and we've got quite a lot of writing, it can be a bit hard for newer people to get integrated in without help.

This Portal is meant to act as a guide to various content types on the wiki. Since not everyone will be interested in all branches or sections, we have sections broken down by interest. If you cannot find something, Ctrl F will help you to locate what you're looking for, or the table of contents side bar. It is suggested that one familiarizes themselves at the very least with the -location- of things in the Ashen Coast, though not necessarily all of the intricacies that go into it. As a result, the interactive map has been labeled with key locations to help people learn at least "where" they are.

HeaderashencoastgeneralAshen Coast

This section details specifically information about the Ashen Coast region it's self. For links regarding the nobility body, being that of the Court of the Coast, please see the section about the Guild Branches under the Court of the Coast category.

The Ashen Coast is the region in which the Blades of Greymane is based, being that of the forces of the Duchy of the Ashen Coast. This region is located in southern Gilneas, just west of where the Blackwald is, past the mountains near Hailwood Marsh up against the coast. It is a fanon region, and IC the outer fringes of the area, just past Taenia's northern reaches, have sunken into the sea. As a result, the only way into Gilneas now is through the Fallow Crest, just across the Coast's gulf.

HeaderashencoastmapAshen Coast Map


HeaderashencoastAshen Coast Regions

Headerbite Headerreach
Headerrange Headerrignweald

HeaderotherracesOther Races

  • Settlements
    • Dun Boldihr
      • Created by Nulric Ironcrag and acts as a sort of embassy area and tie in for Dwarven culture. Placed in the mountains just south of the Range, all three clans of the dwarves live under the thane's leadership. The settlement answers to Ironforge rather than Gilneas, having been granted the land as a gift for better relations.
    • Dun Argon
      • Located on Beau's Tooth, Dun Argon is a village of Wildhammer dwarves that settled there after being invited back following an older blades excursion in the Twilight Highlands. With their former home utterly destroyed, the dwarves resettled in Gilneas and have been located there ever since. Unlike Dun Boldihr, the dwarves of Dun Argon are considered a part of Gilneas fully, rather than an embassy.
  • Settlements
    • Clockrush
      • Created by gnomes who had received special permissions over the land to conduct research using swamp gasses and oils, the town of Clockrush rose into a sizable settlement sometime after the Second Range Rebellion. "Ruled" by Elenet Spanhammer and her wife Muzula Silverweave, the two cantankerous gnomes and their Riverwallow farm are located on the outskirts of Clockrush, providing the town with Riverwallowers as an odd sort of defense. The gnomes eccentric experiments and otherworldly creatures have led to a strange peace in the area, as banditry is too petrified of them to even attempt it.
  • Settlements
    • Night Elves and Draenei
      • Shalla'theril
        • The Draenei do not have much of a presence in the Ashen Coast, as such, they share a home with the Night Elves in Shalla'theril, a settlement located on Marshpine Isle. Similar to Dun Boldihr, they act as an embassy for their respective races, though they are considered a part of Gilneas.
    • High Elves
      • Quel'Shala
        • Established by Duke Grayblade and watched over by Governor Inas'thas Sunbrook, son of the deceased Blades member Faniellian Sunbrook, the isle of Quel'Shala is seen more as a haven for the High elven populace. During the time of Cyrvall, an island that was once part of the duchy that hated elves, where the populace was threatened, there were strict rules for movement in and out of the island for non-elven residents, though this was lifted with Cyrvall's departure. The island is currently suffering from the aftermath of Invasion of the Grip, where a mana bomb leveled part of the island and irradiated it. Unlike the other areas, this is not an embassy, rather a home for Gilneas' low high elven population where their culture is preserved.
  • Settlements
    • The Pandaren currently congregate mostly in Brandon's Stead, with a Pandaren town being created in the Reach.

HeaderreligionReligious Pages

Headerlight Headeroldways

HeaderbranchesBranches of the Guild

  • Blades of Greymane Leaders
  • Locations of Import
  • Purpose
    • To provide a military force for the guild.
    • The Blades encompasses all branches of the guild in a cohesive manner, hence bringing them together. Officially, the Blades are the Duchy's militant forces, which includes the Onyx Knights, the Order of the Raven, and even the Court of the Coast, as all nobility is required to place themselves in the Blades, serving or not.
    • The player characters are placed within a group called the "Inner Circle", shortly after you are promoted to Oathbound IC. The Inner circle are made up of soldiers or people who have stood out among the others as elite, or the nobility who are automatically placed in this category. You are seen as the leaders and elite, hence why an Inner Circle member can command soldiers despite whatever traditional rank they may hold.
    • Events for the Blades are usually larger than other branch campaigns due to the amount of people it encompasses, especially if the Warden of the HC is the one leading it, though smaller campaigns may still crop up from time to time.
    • They are usually held in Roll20 due to the necessity of large combat events, so looking to the forums for information on how our systems work, getting in R20 and familiarizing yourself with the combat spell books of your class, and setting up a character spell book are all highly recommended.
  • Onyx Knights Leaders
  • Locations of Import
  • Purpose
    • The order will serve as a religious organization that seeks to undo any evils of the Shadow and other villainy, as well as combat any enemy of the Ashen Coast, King Greymane, and Gilneas.
    • The order also seeks to train those who wish to learn more of the Light in order to defend their home in the name of the Light and the King.
    • The order is not afraid to resort to militarization should a force occur that threatens the livelihood of Gilneas.
    • The Onyx Knights will borrow a small portion of the fanon that has already been established by the Church and Light communities in order to further develop its ideology as well as allow for the teaching of those who are interested in learning of the Light, Its history, and of the Church. Most of these documents and texts can be found within the Moon Guard wikia or the Council of Bishops websites. Teachings will root itself heavily in what is already established in lore and the Chronicles book, but to allow for a bigger base in which to build from, the adoption of certain Church fanon will be implemented.
    • Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral Members are not expected to preach the goodness of the Light and follow a strict moral code of celebacy, sobriety, and peace. However, they are still expected to be good, just people. They uphold the standard of justice and what is right.
    • The order is split into two branches. The first will be a Knightly Order dedicated to the training and development of Paladins.
    • The second will be a Church order dedicated to the training and development of Priests and Clerics.
    • An educational branch can be intertwined with that of the Seminaries being held by Burnadette, however this breaches further into the Church fanon than other areas.
  • Order of the Raven Leaders
  • Locations of Import
  • Purpose
    • The Order of the Raven acts as an authority on magical affairs within the Ashen Coast, intent on both protecting its people from eldritch arts and instructing aspiring spell casters hailing from all walks of life in how to master their gift for the good of their homeland, the King and Gilneas as a whole.
    • As an organization, the Order of the Raven is possessed of a combative force and will not hesitate to deploy it should the need arise.
    • The Order of the Raven exists to provide an outlet for those interested in learning, developing and honing their magical talent to express their ideas and inspirations as well as a center within which they can work together. With that in mind, there is something of a focus on druidism and arcanery, but the order encompasses a wide variety of magical branches ranging from daker, more eldritch arts to shamanism. Its material draws heavily from lore and chronicles, including the following (it is recommended new members brush up on this, as it's incredibly important!) the Seven Schools of Arcane Magic, Druidism, Druidic Totems and the Ancients/Wild Gods, The Elemental Planes/Lords, and Rune Magic. Many of these can be found on Wowpedia, The Moon Guard Wiki, and in the first volume of Chronicles.
    • There is no specific Alignment tied to the Order, though bear in mind that all forms of instruction adhere to the 'number one' rule of study: "Magic is dangerous, and must be treated with discipline and respect", and that it remains loyal to the people it is supposed to protect and serve.
    • The Order is largely undivided in all but fields of study, and is expected to operate as a collective.
    • The Order holds regular lectures and gatherings to discuss and learn about magic in all its forms. Members are encouraged to attend, engage, and try holding events of their own. Share your ideas and what you've learned with your peers.
  • Court of the Coast Leaders
  • Locations of Import
  • Purpose
    • The Court of the Coast is the ruling noble body of the Ashen Coast, divided into four sections being that of the Bite, the Range, the Reach and the Rignweald.
    • The leaders of each respective branch are their Lord Marchers, but nobles are not required to necessarily agree with the decisions of their ruling lords.
    • In extreme or executively important decisions, the marchers will speak on behalf of their nobility, but otherwise the nobles are able to make their own decisions that may go against their liege; granted this could potentially have consequence.
    • The purpose of the Court is to add political intrigue into the RP and to allow for decisions that can impact the flow of the roleplay outside of just the standard decisions your character makes.
    • Being introduced into the nobility will require someone to have a competent grasp of the peerage system lined in the pages marked above.
      • Please keep in mind, if you end up becoming a noble, your lands are a part of the guild's fanon and you are placed in charge of it. In the event that your character dies, leaves or is removed from the peerage, it is understood these lands will remain in the guild, not go with them. This applies to all of the nobles, even our Marchers.

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