Quel'Shala, High Haven
The Sun Terrace, the main settlement of the island.




Off the coast of The Bite


Duchy of the Ashen Coast
Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Gilneas
Elves of Quel'Shala


Area for the housing of High Elves and Blood Elves within the Ashen Coast for their safety.



Quel'Shala (Thalassian for High Haven) was an island off the coast of The Bite that was considered a part of the march. After growing anti-elf sentiment in some of the nobility of the Ashen Coast and its people (primarily Ardeiria), the formerly uninhabited isle was built up (in secret) to house the elven population. With the Decree on Religion and Race having been made, Lawful Blood Elves were also sent to the isle to live within the Blood Quarter on the island.

During the Invasion of the Grip, a contingent of Blood Elven forces under Captain Nastaul Fairwind and Magistrix Eleynia Dawngazer, assisted by traitors to Quel'Shala including notorious traitor Celidral Mala'dath infiltrated the island, first detonating a bomb that rendered part of the island uninhabitable and volatile with mana and attempting to force the Quel'dorei to become Sin'dorei. Though Duchy forces under the Blades of Greymane arrived to fight back the Horde, it resulted in the island being rendered uninhabitable, with all but Sundown Port being destroyed and infused with volatile magic. Quel'Shala refugees were granted asylum by Lady-Warden Maribell Cobalstant in the Earldom of Bear's Grasp.

Built as a large intertwining settlement, with enclosure at all angles of the island but its wildlife relatively preserved, Quel'Shala had been made as a haven for Elven culture in the Ashen Coast. Split into two areas, the High Quarter (which dominates the majority of the island) and the Blood Quarter (which is somewhat of a slum), the elves were separated by their kin. Given that the population of Lawful Blood Elves are low (numbering at about one hundred), the Blood Quarter was also home to the poorer elves in society.


Built upon the ruins of an abandoned fishing village, the Blood Quarter had little to no elven architecture. It was known as a slum and was usually avoided by even the residents outside of necessities of home.

In a stark contrast to the Blood Quarter, the High Quarter was extremely well maintained. Built entirely in elven architecture, the High Quarter allowed for the Quel'dorei of the Ashen Coast to maintain their civilization and culture on their own time. It was home to the settlement of the Sun Terrace, the capitol of the island. Seat of the Governor, the Sun Terrace was seen as the height of the elves prosperity on the island. Though not barred from entering the High Quarter, Sin'dorei were not allowed to own homes within it. Due to the danger of the island's inhabitants being assaulted, the only ones allowed onto Quel'Shala were licensed merchants and those with granted permission. Tourism was barred from the island, something the elves have found comforting. Any race aside from the Thalassians were barred from living within the island for an extended period. Even then, the guardsmen designated to the region were primarily elven and human visitors were often kept to designated officials and some guardsmen alone.

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