Chieftain Runok Skyhorn
Runok looking over the valley of his people.






The Horde (Formerly)
Skyhorn Tribe
Duchy of the Ashen Coast


Shaeuna Skyhorn (lifemate, deceased)
Saea Skyhorn (daughter)



Chieftain Runok Skyhorn was the Chieftain of the Skyhorn Tribe and the ruler of Runok's Watch, a valley located in The Grip. Having defected from the Horde after being persuaded to see that the faction had lost its sense of honor, Runok aligned himself with the Gilneans of the Ashen Coast and was granted the valley that he had made his watch post as a home for his Tribe. Now in self imposed exile from Mulgore, Runok and his tribe entered into the valley in relative peace. He would later perish against the fight with the Voodoo Priestess Zen'ta, sacrificing himself to penetrate the priestess' barrier, though his daughter would follow after him and continue their pact with the Gilneans.

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