Lady Scarlett Lareli
Lareli Scarlett






Regent of the House of Lareli
Head of the Lareli Chemist Company


House of Lareli
Lareli Chemist Company


Keith Lareli, father
Nicolette Lareli, sister
Cyrna Lareli, cousin



Scarlett Lareli is the current face of the Lareli Chemist Company and regent of the House of Lareli. Unlike her more flirtatious sister Nicolette, Scarlett is a prudish figure that is quite blunt to her intentions. Deeply cunning and hosting a commanding presence, Scarlett has led many successful business ventures that have only led to breed forth the Lareli company into a stronger state economically. With her sister handling more underhanded or backdoor seduction and trickery, Scarlett's methods are typically upfront and overpowering. Using her wealth and prestige to her advantage, she has easily swept away competition.

Scarlett, as with her sister Nicolette, is an accomplished chemist. The two continue on the work of their father, Keith Lareli, as he wastes away in a coma within their manor.

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