Shadowflame Blade

Wielded by Caridis Delythie at one point, Shadowflame, Pyre of the Damned was made from a lump of Ash Iron found under Cobal's Hold. Imbued with the power of fire, it is an extremely potent weapon.

The weapon was adorned by Abner Hartvale after he'd stolen it from Graston's armories during the period of transition between Caridis and her successor, Maribell Cobalstant. With Hartstones grafted onto the sword, it was posed as the legendary Bear's Claw. Shown to not be the case, it is still a bastard sword of strength. The blade was tainted by shadowflame during the battle with Abner Hartvale, transforming it into its namesake.

The blade was later entrusted to Cedric Belcarthe for safekeeping.

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