Lord Simeon Houndsbane










Viscount of Fang's Grip
Lord of Hound's Ward


House of Houndsbane




Kelrick Houndsbane (father, deceased)
Teresa Houndsbane (mother, deceased)
Liara Houndsbane (sister)
Kryen Houndsblood (son)

Simeon Houndsbane was the lord of the House of Houndsbane. Simeon inherited the title from his father, Kelrick; who was a long time friend and adviser to his liege lord Xavier Gregor. Unlike Kelrick, Simeon was an easy excited man who had been noted to be heavily ambitious. Having acted as one of Lord Adrian Gregor's councilors for years, Simeon rebelled alongside Sir Oliver Gregor in the Second Range Rebellion. He claimed the title of Duke of the Ashen Coast while Oliver claimed the title of king. Though he revealed that he was some how controlling Oliver, it appears that his control method was not as sturdy as he believed, as Oliver punctured through Simeon's back out his heart with his sword, killing him.

Following Simeon's death, his sister, Liara, took over control of the House of Houndsbane. Despite their relation, Liara did not betray the Ashen Coast as Simeon did and the House was granted a pardon as a result. Simeon's body, despite some clamoring to allow it to rot, was burnt and the ashes kept within the Houndsbane crypts; as per Liara's request.

It was discovered, following Simeon's death, he fathered a son with an unknown concubine. Kryen Houndsblood, a bastard in all accounts, is only six years old and was raised in secret; with few visits from his father. With the death of his mother after the rebellion, Kryen has been moved to Hound's Ward per Liara's orders. Kryen, despite being a bastard of a traitor, has been spared most of the animosity of his father as he is seen as Liara's cousin rather than nephew. In dire circumstance, Kryen is currently set to become the heir of Houndsbane, to be legitimized on Liara's death. Should such things come to pass, it would undoubtedly further devastate the Houndsbane prestige.

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