Field Commander Elenet Spanhammer


Spires of Arak, Draenor


Grand Alliance
Blades of Greymane



Spirefall was the main garrison of the Blades of Greymane in Draenor that was destroyed while under construction. Though armed with a standing force of over five hundred men, the garrison was irreparably destroyed after a large Iron Horde invasion; primarily led by the Shattered Hand. Nearly four hundred men and women were killed during the siege, having been absolutely over run with most of the defenses not yet prepared. Due to an underground tunnel, built in league with the Venture Co. goblins of Pinchwhistle Point, the Blades were able to escape.

Following the destruction, Spirefall was found to have been put to the torch alongside most of the supplies that weren't purely looted. Deemed as lost, the region was abandoned fully after the retrieval of the bodies of the fallen. Spirefall's destruction marked the end of the Blades' full involvement in Draenor, as the aftermath of the Second Range Rebellion was still being felt on the Duchy of the Ashen Coast' economy. As a result, repairing the garrison was out of the question.

Though most of the surviving forces were withdrawn, a small volunteer group led by Commander Spanhammer continued on into Nagrand to finish the fight and seek vengeance on Garrosh Hellscream before returning.

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