Type of Creature:

Animal, Garn (Wolf)


Blades of Greymane
House of Grayblade
Berenal Grayblade


The House of Grayblade (owners)
Berenal Grayblade (specific owner)

Notable Features:

Extremely large draenor wolf. Black coat and green eyes, large enough to be ridden.



Talton is the wolf companion of Lord Berenal Grayblade and is one of the fearsome Garn of Draenor. Tamed by the duke during his first excursion to the planet, Talton was targeted as he was found wandering the frozen wastes of Frostfire alone. After a long struggle, Berenal was able to capture the Garn and bring the wolf back with him to Azeroth. After a long process of assertion of dominance and eventual bonding, assisted minorly by one of the Duke's wizards, Talton was tamed and brought along with Berenal as his companion. Alongside Canrus, Talton served as one of two of the duke's animal escorts; striking fear into the hearts of others with his imposing size. After Canrus' death in the Blightlands, Talton acts as the singular wolf companion of Berenal.

Talton, as most Garn are, is monstrously large for a wolf. Able to be ridden with ease, Talton is typically kept armored with a saddle on his back in case of emergencies. The wolf is remarkably fast and powerful, owing to its size, and is an extremely dangerous opponent. Talton was named for the deceased general Garn Talton, who sacrificed himself to permanently destroy Ca'ries, after the duke learned the name of specific breed of worg.

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