King Teran Greymane I,








122 F.A.


King of Gilneas


Kingdom of Gilneas


Aderic Greymane II, grandfather
Gerald Greymane, father
Teran Greymane, uncle
Gwen Greymane I, aunt
Sebastian Greymane I, cousin



King Teran Greymane I (122 F.A. - 166 F.A.), also known as Teran Dragonsbane, was one of the youngest kings of Gilneas. For the earliest part of his rule, his aunt Gwen was the Queen-regent. His later rule without regent led to the lowering of taxes across Gilneas once southern Gilneas had been rebuilt from Larelion's rampage, though he was known to rely heavily on his aunt's council throughout his reign as king. He is rumored to have fathered his own cousin, Sebastian, after being seduced by his aunt to keep him under her thumb. This rumor was never proven and was typically kept silent as many would not wish to incur the wrath of the king. Upon the return of Larelion, he led the Wyrmslayer Cohort, the group that slew the dreaded black dragon, who was fought by his namesake uncle and his father, although he lost his life in the process. Because of his sacrifice, the bones of his father and uncle were finally recovered and placed to rest. His funeral was a grand procession through the capitol where his body had been adorned in a fine suit of armor made of the black dragon's scales. He was buried alongside his father and uncle in the armor made for him and post-humorously named "Teran Dragonsbane".


A romanticized version of Teran's fight against Larelion.

His fight against the dread wyrm Larelion is a highly romanticized event, sparking several works of art and fiction depicting the King's battle against the dragon.

Ruler of Gilneas (137 F.A. - 166 F.A.)
Preceded by
Aderic Greymane II
Teran Greymane I Succeeded by
Gwen Greymane I

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