The Icecrest Mountains
Map of the Icecrest Mountains


Nulric Ironcrag

Karlov Blackledge


Dun Boldihr




Prominent features

Snow-capped mountains and cold terrains with stretches of pine forests.

The Icecrest Mountains are a range of mountains and bluffs located on the southern borders of the Ashen Coast. Bordering The Range and The Reach, the mountains are home to the dwarves of Dun Boldihr and Gilneans of Oxevik.

Geography Edit

The range lives up to its name; most of the mountains, especially those in higher altitudes, are covered with snow. The landscape is similar to a tundra. Long-horned sheep and shaggy goats spot the countryside, and are often domesticated for their wool, hair, and meat. Other wildlife such as wolves, deers, and bears thrive in forests.

Lakes and streams are located outside of towns and fortified villages, and ice fishing is a prominent profession.

Notable Locations Edit

Dun Boldihr Edit

The dwarven city of Dun Boldihr currently rests in the higher peaks of the range. Led by Nulric Ironcrag and his supporting council, the city serves as an ally to the Ashen Coast. Though not sworn to any Gilnean lord, the dwarves nonetheless serve as allies for the kingdom as a foreign embassy.

Oxevik Edit

Oxevik is a mountain town located on the lower slopes of the range with an usual history. A century before the Second War, men and women from Gilneas fled into the mountains in order to establish their own way of life. Galuyn customs and worship of the Holy Light were equally welcome and respected, and before long the town established.

In recent times, the town entered a trade agreement with Dun Boldihr, and the two settlements became fast allies. Since Dun Boldihr is far from the Ashen Coast, it is last on the list for reinforcements should there be an invasion. Therefore, Oxevik and Dun Boldihr rely on one another for military support. The dwarves provide military force with their infantry and golems, while Oxevik's soldiers and militia are trained scouts and skirmishers.

Oxevik is currently led by a man named Karlov Blackledge.

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