Tirassi is a language that cropped up in the Kingdom of Kul Tiras. Though later replaced in terms of permanence by Common, Tirassi is still fairly common on the island of Kul Tiras and in areas of Crestfall. Derived from a dialect left behind by their ancestors, Tirassi has also become the favored code language of pirates. Nicknamed Sea Speak, Tirassi is rarely seen used outside of the Kingdom it's self on the mainland.


Prior to conquering by the Empire of Arathor, Tirassi was the common language between most of the islands in the archipelago around Kul Tiras. As a result, when Arathor arrived and conquered the area; Tirassi was used to organize the eventual uprising of the isles and the formation of the Kingdom of Kul Tiras. Due to the Empire's goal to naturalize a single language, that of Common, Tirassi was effectively stifled under the Empire during its many years. Surviving as a secondary language among its natives, Tirassi was kept mainly to the heavily populated islands of the would-be kingdom.

On smaller islands or those who were more heavily involved with the Empire, such as Tol Barad, Tirassi is almost non-existent. In the situation of the Isle of Havre, it is replaced entirely by their own dialect of Havrei.


Tirassi is proxied by use of Spanish by the author of this page, though it is not required if one wishes to use the language.

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