Vayden's Fall


Sir Lerik Lancewroth


Border between the Reach and the Range


Oliver Gregor's Rebellion (Formerly)
Kingdom of Gilneas
Duchy of the Ashen Coast



Vayden's Fall is a fort located on the border of the Reach and the Range. Formerly the base of operations for invading Reachsmen during the First Range Rebellion under Lieutenant Farsight, the fort was attacked by a Blades force under Sir Vayden Lancewroth. They successfully took the fort, at the cost of Sir Lancewroth's life. The fort was named Vayden's Fall in his honour and was granted to the House of Lancewroth as a seat.

It was bestowed to the eldest of Sir Vayden's sons, Haedric Lancewroth, who later gave his life in defense of the Reach during a major Wicker uprising. It was then passed down to his younger brother, Lerik Lancewroth, who serves as the head of the house and as a chief guardian of Derrik Greyfield.

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