Lord Vincent Godfrey
Lord Vincent Godfrey
Godfrey in life


Human (Undead)




Kingdom of Gilneas (Formerly)
The Forsaken (Formerly)


Lord of Tempest's Reach (Formerly)
Lord of Shadowfang Keep (Formerly)



Lord Vincent Godfrey was a Gilnean nobleman of the House of Godfrey, and was formerly the lord of Tempest's Reach. Godfrey was one of the nobles close to King Genn Greymane, although he turned against the former after it was revealed he was afflicted by the Curse of the Worgen. After a foiled kidnapping of the king, he committed suicide, seeing death as a preferable alternative to having a Worgen for a king.

Godfrey Undead

Godfrey in undeath.

Sometime following his death, a Forsaken strike team snuck behind Gilnean lines to recover his body, along with those of his associates Baron Ashbury and Lord Walden, and they were resurrected to serve the Forsaken and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, until he betrayed them, assassinating her before fleeing to the safety of Shadowfang Keep, where he was slain once and for all.

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