Viscounty of the Rise

Last Lord:

Aya Avernus




Northernmost section of The Bite.


Mistvale, Ravendale





The Viscounty of the Rise was a viscounty ruled over by the House of Avernus and is located in the northernmost section of The Bite. A newer installment by the Grayblade regime, the Rise encompassed lands once inhabited by various Baronet families under the House of Cobalstant, an origin that the House of Avernus can be traced back to. The region was also home to Ravendale, the headquarters of the Order of the Raven where Lady Avernus can be found as the Archmage. The Viscounty was disbanded in exchange for the Viscounty of the Veil, which held different borders than the original Rise. After the Veil was elevated into status as an earldom, the Rise was reconstituted by Lord Grayblade during the creation of the three earldoms of the Bite, becoming the region to be specifically referred to as Aya's personal lands within her earldom.

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