Westcott Crisis
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Conflict: Post-Siege Ashen Coast Conflicts
Date: August 26th - August 29th 1145 F.A.
Place: The Range, The Ashen Coast of Gilneas
Outcome: Blades Victory

Kingdom of Gilneas

Westcott's Forces

Commanders and Leaders:

Duke Berenal Grayblade

Necrolord Hiram Westcott


Westcott's Undead Army

Casualties and Losses:

Moderate; Bloodreaver mercenaries all killed


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The Westcott Crisis was an incident involving the convicted necromancer Hiram Westcott, who threatened the hamlet of Crossbrook with an undead army and two mercenary companies, the Ebon Shield Mercenary Company and the Bloodreavers. Despite Crossbrook not being of any crucial importance, for the Duchy to ignore their plight would be to forsake their own people and allowing an undead army to form.

Due to the urgency, the Blades of Greymane were forced to act without backup, but despite that they successfully destroyed Westcott's forces before executing him in the ruins of Fort Gaelik.

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