The Wicker Crown


A nasty looking crown made of Wicker and roots. The crown it's self is perpetually tipped red along the jagged edges of thorns.

Used by:

The Wicker King

Important Facts:

When adorned upon one's head, it brings out a sadistic nature that will eventually dominate the person's personality regardless of how they were before. In addition, roots and thorns begin to crawl from the crown into the person's body, eventually eating away and replacing flesh until they become a monstrosity of thorns. It has been unable to be destroyed in conventional means and is able to withstand being engulfed in flame despite its composition.

Current Wielder

None, lost.

The Wicker Crown is a somewhat unremarkable crown made of gnarled roots and Wicker first worn by the original Wicker King. Since the first king, it has been cursed with terrible power that has been seen in the kings to follow, as each one has slowly been dominated by the crown's influence and corrupted into a root monstrosity. Those who adorn the crown abandon their names and are all known as the Wicker King, it is customary amongst the Wickers to destroy all trace of the user's original name so that they may be known as nothing else throughout history.

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