William Durenfall
William Durenfall








Corporal of the Gilnean Military


Kingdom of Gilneas
Blades of Greymane
Grand Alliance




Harrison Durenfall, father
Gabrielle Durenfall, mother
Olivia Durenfall, sister

Corporal William Durenfall (August 10th, 1112 F.A. - Present) is a soldier enlisted in the Blades of Greymane from the fishing town of Stormglen in the Kingdom of Gilneas.


Born in Stormglen Village, William was the second child of Harrison and Gabrielle Durenfall. The son of a fisherman, he had a mostly unremarkable childhood, though in school he was known to often get into fights with classmates, standing up for the smaller children who were bullied. Even as a young boy, he was very nationalistic, having learned the Gilnean national anthem by heart by the age of 8 years old.

At the age of 16, William left school and began helping his father with his fishing business. However, his desire to serve his nation led him to leave his home two years later to enlist in the Gilnean Army, where he was assigned to the 6th Brigade. He later fought in the Northgate Rebellion as a loyalist. Though he was aware that they had declared a civil war against the monarchy, he mourned the loss of Gilnean lives after every large battle he fought.

In the days before the Invasion of Gilneas, many of the people of Stormglen, including much of the 6th Brigade had disappeared, presumably due to either the worgen or the local spiders, both found in the nearby Blackwald. As numbers dwindled, William's commanding officer organized an evacuation of the village to nearby Tempest's Reach, where Lord Walden assured them that they'd be safe. Just as they left, the giant spiders of the Blackwald began to overrun the village. Even though he was arachnophobic, William threw himself at the eight-legged creatures with a few other soldiers to hold them off while Stormglen's people evacuated. Though he was bitten and poisoned, he survived and was brought to Tempest's Reach for emergency medical treatment, remaining inactive during the period of Lord Vincent Godfrey's betrayal.

When the eastern lords' betrayal reached him after his recovery, William was shocked. Even after the Northgate Rebellion, the thought that someone so close to the king would betray Gilneas in such a way was horrible. Despite being recommended not to fight, he picked up his sword and shield and joined the forces that liberated Emberstone Village. He later fought in the Battle for Gilneas City, and helped hold the line against the Orcish forces at Keel Harbor.

Following the exodus, William first debated remaining in Darnassus, though he eventually travelled to Stormwind City. There, he came across a recruitment stand for the Blades of Greymane, which inspired him to re-enlist again on the spot.


William is a large and imposing man, a physical trait that is emphasized by his heavy plate armor. His straight dark brown hair is pulled back with two strands of hair framing his face, which shows very little signs of weariness even after the dark times following the fall of Gilneas. His small, but expressive blue-green eyes show a great deal of warmth and kindness. Lastly, a moustache and neatly trimmed goatee compliment the lower part of his face.

Under his armor, his body is fit and well maintained, tough muscles showing his strength. Even without his armor, his height and his large, broad shoulders give him presence.


By-the-book and honorable, William is a man who lives to help and protect others. A man of his word, he values responsibility and loyalty above all and is firmly against deceit, injustice and betrayal. Kind to everyone he meets and desiring only to help others, his idealistic patriotism is seen as a mark of naivety by some. Somehow, despite having seen the harsh realities of war first hand he has not completely lost his optimism or sense of justice. He is forgiving and merciful, though those who cross him too many times rarely return to his good graces.

A proud, nationalistic citizen of Gilneas, William has put himself to the service of his nation and her people. Despite that, he is not opposed to the Alliance, having seen Gilneas fall when it was on its own.

Though he was raised as a worshipper of the Light, William is not a very religious man. He pays his respects to the Light and occasionally prays to it, though he is not devout to the extent of devoting himself to it.

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