Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle


Big Game Rifle

Place of Origin

Kingdom of Gilneas

Used By

Stormwind Army
Nesingway Expedition
Kingdom of Gilneas
Steamwheedle Cartel

Manufactured By


Unit Price

75File:Gold.gif (New Models)
1,000File:Gold.gif-2,000File:Gold.gif (Older Models)


.700 Action


Double Action Revolver

Feed System

Twelve round cylinder

Muzzle Velocity

2,000 Ft/s

Effective Firing Range

800 Meters

The Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle is an infamous and unusual firearm, deployed by the Kingdom of Gilneas, the Alliance, and several other political and military organizations across Azeroth. The rifle derives its name from its original intended purpose, which was hunting large canids in the marshes of Gilneas. It is considered to be one of the finest big game rifles in the world, utilizing the exotic .700 Action cartridge.

It is unusual in that it is considered a long-range rifle, but has no bolt-action mechanism that is common in rifles of its class. The Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle instead makes use of a revolving mechanism which chambers two rounds at a time in its twin barrels. Some variants of the rifle allow for both shots to be fired seperately, while others only allow for both barrels to be discharged at the same time. The revolving mechanism allows for twelve rounds to be loaded before the rifle must be reloaded.

Since the rifle's inception, it has also been utilized in military situations. The rifle's large caliber allows it to deliver devastating damage to giant humanoids, such as the Tauren. The exceptional muzzle velocity attained from the combination of the rifle's patented design and the choice of ammunition gives the weapon a massive effective operating range.

The Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle is still manufactured on a limited basis, but older models tend to be far more well-made than modern incarnations. As such, older iterations tend to fetch tremendous amounts of money on public auction. The rifles are typically fitted with a steel bayonet (Moonsteel in older variations, adding to their price.). These bayonets are typically long and off the barrel and were meant to be used for a last ditch method of self defense should the hunting target get too close to the rifle user. Those who have used the rifle outside of hunting have made use of it in place of conventional army knives and the more zealous soldiers, particularly amongst the Worgen, have been known to skewer enemies on it, though it is ill advised to do so.

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