Wolfstone Castle
Seat of the House of Grayblade


Duke Berenal Grayblade


Southern Gilneas, the Ashen Coast, Bannhurst


The Grand Alliance, Kingdom of Gilneas



Wolfstone Castle is a large castle on a hill that over looks the city of Bannhurst in the Ashen Coast. The castle serves as the seat of the House of Grayblade as well as being the base of operations for the Wolf's Guard, House Grayblade's personal guard. a dining hall, and meeting quarters for the Triumvirate of the Ashen Coast have all been completed. The castle was created as a seat of power for the Duchy of the Ashen Coast that was more secure than the previous manor that once sat where the castle now does. Lord Berenal Grayblade has been quoted as saying that he prefers a defensible position so past incidents shall not be repeated with such ease, such as the destruction of the House of Cobalstant and the near destruction of his own house at the hands of the Seventh Skull legion. Lord Grayblade and his family currently reside within the castle, though the Dukes frequent departures for campaigns and the Duchess' lordship over Cobal's Hold, which causes her to frequently depart in order to manage the town, often leaves it unoccupied by many other than the children, the servants, and the Wolf's Guard. It is only during periods of downtime in activity with the Blades of Greymane that one can reliably find the Duke within his seat, otherwise a regent is often appointed.

The Castle hosts a grand dining hall, an extensive armory, stables, several meeting and guest chambers, an internal barracks, the Duke's throne room, an archive and several lavish bathing rooms. The castle's upper echelon is kept exclusively to the Duke and his family along with their guardsmen; acting as the most well protected region of the structure. In the upper levels of the castle lay the duke's quarters which consist of a large master bedroom and an office space where the lord handles most business that comes his way as well as a nursery that houses the children.