Lucant pic

Current Lord ||| Last Lord

Adaliene Haven ||| Formerly Lord Baerwald [deceased]


Woodrish [defunct]


East of Cresent Landing


Woodhorst [Rebuilt] Lucant [Destroyed]


Woodhorst [Rebuilt]


Slaughterhouse | Blacksmith | Livery | Stables


Final Touches of Reconstruction

Work in Progress.

Offered a chance of becoming an owner of a baronet, Adaliene Haven accepted the challenge by Nicholas Graveshire of rebuilding the ruined twin towns of Woodhorst and Lacant. After initial consideration of costs, labor requirements and overall efficiency, Adaliene decided to dismantle what remained of Lacant and focus solely on rebuilding Woodhorst for the time being.

Since beginning construction, Woodhorst has re-established dirt roads through the central path of the town with wooden buildings on either side of the path. Trees, tall grass and other wild vegetation has been cleared away to offer a more open view of the town as it continues to grow. For now, Woodhorst boasts a small smithy, a stables, a livery and a slaughterhouse. Around the outskirts of the town roam several large animals such as cattle, horses and some ox.

Thus far, the former reknown mining operation has yet to be re-established due to difficulty of clearing the ruined mine shaft.

History Edit

Woodhorst is one of two towns founded by Lord Baerwald of the Woodrish families that settled the area Woodhorst is located. Lacant, the other town, was east of Woodhorst and the entire region is located directly east of Cresent Landing. The region was surrounded by trees and was the home of a large mining operation until the towns were destroyed by the Auber family.

Reconstruction Edit

Woodhorst recently underwent reconstruction and, while most all of the buildings had been built with word, the people who returned to the area were content with a roof over their heads for the time being. Unfortunately the limited resources and laborers only provided a shoddy looking wooden town that was in dire need of serious upgrades if people were to survive long term in the region.

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