Xavier's Shield
Xavier's Shield

Model Type:

Gilnean, Gryphon-class Destroyer


Karnsburg, Kingdom of Gilneas

Naval Officers:

Lord Berenal Grayblade, Captain

Current Allegiance:

Blades of Greymane

Xavier's Shield is a Gryphon-class Destroyer of Gilnean make that was constructed in the fishing and ship making town of Karnsburg in the Gilnean Ashen Coast of the Kingdom of Gilneas. Xavier's Shield was constructed in order to provide the Blades of Greymane transport to the Kingdom of Kul Tiras.

Following the end of the Battle of the Bite, the Blades began to import a large amount of supplies from the island nation, namely from one of their chief providers on the island of Crestfall. However, a large amount of problems had begun to plague the area, and it was no longer safe to trade goods to or from the island. Missives sent to the Blades informed them that it would take several weeks for the Tirassians to clear out the various problems that plagued the island. However, with Gregor's Crossing damaged and the Ashen Coast needing the supplies urgently, several weeks was far too long.

Lord Berenal Grayblade elected to solve the problems for the Kul Tirans in exchange for a larger amount of supplies, which the people of Crestfall accepted. As such, the Blades set sail for Crestfall on Xavier's Shield. The Tirassian Balamont DeFortiere acted as navigator to sail to Crestfall, as he had been born and raised on the island and knew the way there well. On their trek to Crestfall, the Blades used Xavier's Shield to move around the outpost islands that surrounded Crestfall to resecure them. Fighting pirates and naga at each island, the Blades eventually finished their task, even though their final mission cost them the life of Aubrynn Scorchbolt.

Depressed from the loss of their companion and officer, the Blades secured the supplies needed for the Ashen Coast' rebuilding and set sail back for Karnsburg aboard Xavier's Shield. Xavier's Shield currently rests in the harbor of Karnsburg and has been awaiting orders since.